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REVIEW: Morphe Mini Brushes

When I first saw one of my favorite youtuber's using a Morphe mini brush, I couldn't believe it. That brush was like a dream come true for my small slightly-hooded eyes. I knew I had to try them because let's just say crease brushes are basically useless when they cover the crease plus the browbone and eyeline area of my small eyes. 

I ended up purchasing the M507-Pointed Mini Blender and the B16-Mini Smudger Brush. Both brushes turned out to be a dream come true for me. They are super soft and get the job done perfectly.

I use the M507 to blend out my crease and outer-V area. It also works great for applying highlighter to my cupid's bow. It's nice and pointy, not to mention mini so it gets into the right places so perfectly. Before using this brush, which I love even more than my Sigma E45- small tapered brush, blending eyeshadow into my crease meant adding it to my brow-bone because my other small blending brushes were still too big.

Simply put, the B16 basically made my under-eye eyeshadow goals come to life. Most of the brushes I've used for the job were either too big or had no blending qualities; but this little magical baby is just the right size for my lower lash line without smudging eyeshadow half way down to my nose, haha!

Have you tried any Morphe brushes? 
What are some of your favorite small brushes or which ones are you eyeing?

Review: #TheTargetTrap meets Derma e !

For the year of 2016, I've come up with a new phrase: #TheTargetTrap. If you live or have ever been to the states, you know all about #TheTargetTrap. Basically you go into Target for a can of peanuts and leave with craft goods, a basket filled with dollar spot or bullseye playground goodies, and a shelving unit for your sister's bestfriend's cousin's dog. Thus...#TheTargetTrap.

I recently went to Target to look for Valentine's goodies for my upcoming videos. They didn't have too many items out but I did get some pretty useful items. I'll be going back to get these really adorable sequined words that I saw as well as a lot of other goodies I've seen floating around my social media sites.

What in the world does Derma e have to do with Target you ask? Welllll, Derma e is now being sold at Target! I recently wrote about one of the Derma e moisturizers after a few weeks of using it and I'm still using it. Derma e also sent me a few samples of their other products and I really love them all but I've been obsessed with both their day and night moisturizers. I use the day moisturizer before I apply my makeup. However, this review isn't about the moisturizers, today we're going to talk about DMAE Firming Eye Lift Crème*.

"Derma e is a natural skincare that holds a lot more titles under its belt such as gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and recyclable. Derma e stands for healthy skin and healthy living, which you will often see me looks so much better on healthy skin. I truly believe makeup should be worn to enhance not mask." -Keshia Glam

firming dmae derma e product eye lift

The firming Eye Lift Creme comes in a small tube and only requires a little bit of product for each use. I just recently began using eye cremes/serums as I really didn't see the need for them. However, the DMAE creme is my go-to eye product before I apply my foundation and concealer. It firms my under-eyes while reducing some of the puffiness I have going on. It also adds a bit more moisture to my under-eyes which all-in-all helps my foundation and concealer apply and appear smoother. 

Learn more about Derma e here.
*Sent for the purpose of reviewing

What are some of your favorite eye products?

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